Thank you Joyana + Reuben for trusting in me to capture your wedding and sharing your story .. 

Joyana writes : "To most people out and about on that cool Auckland-Friday night, it was just a regular jive on the dance floor. Dressed head to toe as a cop, I'd ditched an earlier costume party and had boogied my way around the corner to '1885 on Britomart' where the music was pumping, the hips were swinging and serendipitously where my future husband and i would meet. In he strutted, the smoothest gent about. Great jacket and a toothsome smile. I had targeted my dance partner ...aaaaaand that white boy had moves!!! He wowed me on the dance floor, cracked me up over the phone and after discovering we were both mechatronic engineers, he down right stole my heart. A year later, I brought him to my island home, Rarotonga, to meet the family. They loved him!... And he loved them. I loved him. He loved me... so much that I turned around at 'Fruits of Raro' to find him on bended knee, a saphire ring in his hands (of his own making), asking me to be his forever. 

After many, many discussions about venues, guest lists, attire, costings (which were usually followed by even more heated discussions) we finally did the deed last valentines day... about two years after that day on 'Fruits of Raro'. 

Saying "I do" that day was definitely the easiest two words in my life. It was raining. Not too much. Just enough to cool us down because we were both dreading the heat in our beautiful (but ill-suited) attire. The rain was chilled, the sky was dark, the seas were excited... and my sapphire-eyed Reuben was standing before me. It was like God had made this day just for me.  

Yep, I have locked him in for a lifetime of home projects on a bench top, manufacturing plans at dinner, over-the-shoulder critiquing of whatever code i'm working on and mi-goreng noodles for more nights than what most would consider wise.

It's only been a few weeks... but so far so good haha. We're going to enjoy each day as it comes as we know its going to be one heck of a ride."


A week later we visited a few locations around Rarotonga ..